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locky nguyen

Name: Locky Nguyen

Position: Coach

Belt: Judo - Black Belt & BJJ - Brown

Other Disciplines: Judo & BJJ

Weight Division: 73kg


Teaches at:

- Maribyrnong


My martial arts journey began in my late 20s while backpacking in Japan, whilse wandering Kyoto University campus,I came across a group of dedicated Judokas practicing their craft. Witnessing the artistry of one person gracefully controlling and executing throws on another left an indelible mark on me. The sheer precision and athleticism displayed were truly awe-inspiring. I had to learn the 'Gentle way'.





Upon returning to Australia a year later, my dedication to martial arts remained steadfast. In 2017, I achieved the prestigious Shodan rank in Judo, a testament to my unwavering commitment. The following year, I expanded my skills with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), falling in love with its fluidity and freedom.My newfound love for BJJ ignited a desire for more. I delved into the world of competitive BJJ and continued rigorous training to improve my skills. Today, I am a versatile martial artist proficient in both Judo and BJJ. My journey not only encompasses personal growth but also extends to teaching others as I now hold the role of an instructor in both Judo and BJJ, inspiring fellow martial arts enthusiasts to embark on their own incredible journeys is now my life's mission.



Major Competition Achievements JUDO Gold - Melbourne International Judo Open 2016 Gold - Pan Pacific Masters Games 2018 Silver - Australian Judo Titles 2016 Silver - Victorian State Titles 2018 Bronze - Victorian State Titles 2016 BJJ Gold - Victorian Championship Gi 2019 Silver - Victorian Championship Gi 2021 Gold - Pan Pacific Championship Gi 2018 Gold - Pan Pacific Championship Gi 2019 Silver - Australian National Championship Gi 2019