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Dominique 'Dom' Liddle

Name: Dominique Liddle

Nickname: Dom

Position: Instructor

Belt: 1st Degree Black Belt

Other Disciplines: Muay thai, Wing Chun (3 styles), Wushu, Tai chi, boxing

Weight Division: 97kgs


Teaches at:

- Adelaide - Integrity Jiu Jitsu


Dominique began his martial arts training at 16 years old with a freestyle system. Living in a small town options were very limited but he found boxing and Tai chi which he studied for 3 years before heading off to the city to start his career as a chef.


Even though cooking was meant to be his profession it as really a way to support his martial arts/fitness training.


He has a brief taste of Muay Thai but found he really enjoyed Wing Chun Kung fu as it offered 3 styles of Wing Chun, Wushu, tai chi and weapons. Sifu Felix Leong was a wealth of knowledge and looked after him so he stayed training here for 9 years.






He went back on to more Muay Thai and entered some competitions to gain more experience.


He wanted to look into Brazilian Jiujitsu to balance out all the stand up and striking he had done in the past.


He was introduced to it 7 years ago staying with one club for 5 - 6 years until he realized he wanted to start his own club to support his own beliefs. He then was introduced to Carlos who's beliefs and values were the same and he is a great mentor both on and off the mat.


Most important Titles

2014 Purple Belt

Vic cup 2 x 2nd,  3rd


2013 Purple Belt

SA cup 3rd

2012 Purple Belt

SA open 3rd

Pan Pacific 2nd


2011 Blue Belt

Sa cup 1st

Pacific cup 2 x 1st, 2nd


2010 Blue Belt

SA cup 1st pl

SA open 2 x 1st, 2nd,3rd

Pan pacific cup 1st, 2 x 2nd, 3rd

2009 BJJ Novice:

SA cup: 4 x 1st place

Australian cup:1st, 2nd place

Pan Pacific 1st place


Other Titles

2004 knees of fury winner

2005 1st place Sunshine coast Tough man comp

2008 San Shou winner