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jack francis barrile


Name: Jack Francis Barrile

Nickname: JB or Sparrow

Position: Coach

Belt: Brown Belt

Weight Division: 76kg-82kg


Teaches at:


- East Brunswick


Jack was born 30/4/1991 in Brunswick, Melbourne. He has a background in Kickboxing where he had his first taste for competition. He first joined DMDs in 2008. Early in 2017 Jack put on the Gi and began training only in BJJ under the Cia Paulista flag. He has competed nationally and internationally, he started coaching kids as a blue belt, coaching adults as a purple belt and now taking the head BJJ coaching role at DMDsMMA (Cia Paulista East Brunswick) as a Brown belt. 

 Jack Barrile




Jack has always been involved in martial arts on and off growing up however his story with Cia Paulista begins in 2017. Jack spent 5 mouths in Phuket, training at Phuket Top Team in 2017 were he was trying to get back into the striking arts however after being convinced to try a BJJ class he fell in love with the Gi. He trained there intensely for a couple mouths and had his first BJJ competition in Bangkok, shortly after he returned home and continued his BJJ training at his home club DMDs MMA. 

Jack has remained at the club ever since; his training has taken him to Brazil for training camps and competition, he competed in the Brasileiro’s (Brazilian Nationals) in 2019, he competes in GI & No-Gi and has managed to became champion at a local, state, national and Pan Pacific level in Australia. He has become a coach and is proud to help people and  the sport grow in the neighbourhood he has always called home. All of his belts have been from training in Cia Paulista but under a couple different coaches (White to Blue; Marcel Leteri, Blue to Purple; Raphael Derrico, Purple to Brown; Augusto Cursino) all at DMDs. He is now training under the Head Cia Paulista Australia coach Carlos ‘Portugues” Vieira. 

This story is still being written as Jack is still an active competitor/coach.  

Main Competition Achievements 

Purple Belt 

  • Gold, Victorian Championship (VJJC), Gi Middle weight (M1), 2022 
  • Gold, Australian National Championship (AJJC), Gi Light weight (M1), 2022 
  • Gold, Cia Paulista X Tournament, Gi Light weight (Adult), 2022 
  • Silver, IBJJF Pan Pacific Jiu Jitsu Championship, Gi Light weight (M1), 2022 
  • Gold, IBJJF Pan Pacific Jiu Jitsu Championship, No-Gi Middle weight (M1), 2022 
  • Gold, Victorian Championship (VJJC), No-Gi Middle weight (M1), 2023 

Brown Belt 

  • Silver, IBJJF Pan Pacific Jiu Jitsu Championship, Gi Middle weight (M1), 2023 
  • Gold, Cia Paulista XI Tournament, Gi Middle weight (Adult), 2023 
  • Silver, Cia Paulista XI Tournament, Gi Open weight (Adult), 2023